Why File An Essure Lawsuit And Who Is Responsible For Essure Complications?

People are looking out for permanent birth control solutions and when they got a safe non-surgical option to control the birth permanently, what made them to file lawsuits against it.

Here we are talking about Essure device. Countless users have filed Essure lawsuit over adversative side effects, and the device is no longer sold outside the United States.

So…What Happened Actually?

Essure manufacturers “Bayers” have claimed that Essure is the safest way to control pregnancy. It is a non-surgical and non-hormonal birth control system, invented specifically for females.

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As per the Essure manufacturers, it is less invasive than surgical substitutes because it doesn’t contain a surgical incision.

You will be shocked to know that against manufacturers of Essure, nearly 14,000 reports of adverse side effects along with autoimmune disorders, subsequent hysterectomies, organ perforation and device migration.

Even FDA or Food and Drug administration department did investigations on almost all the launched complaints and determined that Essure remains a suitable option for the majority of women seeking a permanent form of birth control.

But on the other hand, they mandate Bayer to embrace a black box warning (designed to call attention to severe or life-threatening risks) on the device to safeguard that patients and wage-earners are fully knowledgeable about the risks, side effects, and complications of the device preceding to making clinical decisions.

But there was no change, females who weren’t aware of the side effects or got no one to guide became the victim of this Device and suffered heavily.

Women Suffering from Essure Side Effects have no place to go, accept filing lawsuit and claim for fair justice.

Essure complaints

Essure device has actually spoiled life of many.

It was not just the responsibility of the manufacturers to warn those females, but it was the responsibility of FDA, medical practitioners who introduced people with this device and still continuing to do so after so many sever cases have been filed already.

Read this blog to find out to what extent, this Essure device has done wrong to those females, so that no other female could become victim of such medical malpractice again.

According to various Essure lawyers, medical malpractice has become fun for such medical representatives and manufacturers; the cost of human life is totally negligible for them. Hope this article could help others in saving many.