About Us

Williams Kherkher – Truck Accident Attorneys Committed to Success

Williams Kherkher is a law firm with over 20 years of experience handling cases involving victims of truck accidents. Part of our success is the commitment to every client we represent. Our attorneys are truly dedicated to helping you through the difficult moments in your life that lead you to seek legal assistance. Our biggest concern is your recovery. Our truck accident lawyers will fight for the compensation needed to regain a normal way of life.

Williams Kherkher – Building Trust through Experience

Founded in 1983, the law firm of Williams Kherkher was created by two attorneys who were determined to practice law in a way that upheld their high standards and personal ideals. As the firm slowly began to grow, Williams Kherkher had the privilege to serve more and more clients in a variety of legal matters.

Over 20 years later, Williams Kherkher has represented 30,000 clients and the client list continues to grow as people discover the benefits of turning to experienced and knowledgeable attorneys in their time of need. Every case that is handled by a Williams Kherkher attorney receives these client-centered benefits:

  • A free initial consultation.
  • An accurate and honest evaluation of your case.
  • A truck accident attorney who has experience representing truck accident victims.
  • The peace of mind that your questions will be answered promptly and that your calls will be returned in a timely manner.
  • The courtesy of being immediately updated about the development of your case as it progresses.

The attorneys of Williams Kherkher realize that you have many choices when it comes to choosing an attorney and would be honored to represent you as you pursue a lawsuit against those that have caused you harm. These are just a sample of the benefits included in working with a Williams Kherkher attorney. Contact the truck accident lawyers today to learn about all of the ways we are committed to working with you.